The Evolution of Mangers

World football managers, have they become more important than the players on the pitch?

Now more than ever, teams are relying on the appointment of world class managers to help the succeed. Teams now are hiring managers from across the globe to help them turn their team of champions into a champion team, but at what cost?

It is unbelievable how quick the modern day managerial messiah, can turn into the manager standing in the unemployment line after what some people may consider only one bad season in the job.

Two examples that come to mind when walking the managerial tightrope is mentioned. Manuel Pellagrini and Brandan Rodgers have been media whipping boys for the last six months. Both managers have come under huge scrutiny after what can be considered bad seasons. Pellagrini’s Manchester City won the title in the 2013/14 title and Rodgers Liverpool were runners up in the same season. Yet after only 15 games last season both managers were under pressure to keep their jobs…. Is it just us or is that crazy?

The blame always seems to come down to money, how much they’ve spent on players and how well their investments are going. Let’s be honest both teams have spent enough money to save two African countries from ever going hungry or thirsty again, but price tags don’t always indicate how good or bad something is.

Gone are the days of a 20million pound signing being the caliber of Torres, Suarez or Cantona.  These days it’s 25 to 30+ million pounds to secure the players you want but that’s not the managers fault is it? You get the player you think can make the team better and for the price your owners are willing to pay. Not all of us can be Brad Pitt from Money Ball. Quality costs $$$.

Since 2005 Chelsea have sacked 8 mangers and also rehired one of the previously sacked managers. Liverpool have  sacked 4 managers and finally Manchester City have sacked 5 managers. This trend of terminating managers is getting really worrying, one bad season or in David Moyes case 20 bad games is not enough reason to flick the gaffer. Managers like any employee need time to adjust, they might have lost a star player to another, they might have an injury list 2ft long or they might have a group of greedy players……

The reason we bring this to the attention of people is, we want to teams stronger for longer (sounds like a Viagra commercial but you get the idea). We want to see especially English teams get stronger in the champions league and how can that be possible when they are sacking managers after only 2 years. Building a dynasty isn’t possible without starting from scratch. Give the manager a chance to achieve, give the players a chance to gel with the manager and their style and most importantly look at the people who are kicking ball before you look at the people moving the magnets on the whiteboard.

Look at Arsenal, one manager in 20+ years and over 13 straight appearances in the Champions League.  Yes things could have been better and more trophies could have been won but sometimes you would take consistency and stability over a flashy manager that has a fleeting moment of success and is gone in 1 year later.

He is a little unorthodox but Mourinho get's the job done.

He is a little unorthodox but Mourinho get’s the job done.





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