A genuine star or a flash in the pan?

The artist formally known as Michu.

The artist formally known as Michu.





Since 2010 we have seen some incredible individual performances in the English Premier League. The burning question for the readers of the back of the net is, are this years batch of stars going to continue to shine or will they fade out like many before them?

In 2011 the top 10 Premier League goal scorers list had the usual suspects on it . Ronaldo, Rooney and Aguero, names you really expect to see. But that year we also saw the emergence of Clint Dempsey, Demba Ba and Grant Holt. They scored 17,16,15 goals respectively and we thought a new breed of stars was about to break onto the scene.

We were wrong, since that year Grant Holt has scored 5 goals and moved clubs 3 times. Holt now applies his trade at Huddlesfield where he sits on the pine consistently.

Demba Ba moved to Chelsea and never succeeded to a point where he was a regular. Since 2011 he has played in England, Turkey and now China after failing to settle in his new surroundings after leaving Newcastle United.

Finally Clint Dempsey left Fulham after a very successful 2011 and joined Tottenham. Things went pear-shaped there and he then found himself in his homeland of the USA. Now we aren’t going to sit here and pot Major League Soccer but let’s be honest, unless you are on HUGE money or you want to squeeze a year or 2 more out of your career, US Major League “soccer” is like the elephant graveyard from the Lion King. We don’t think you need any further explanation there.

Adding in seasons from the last 6 or so years, you will see this already impressive list of forgotten names get even better. Add in names like Roque Santa Cruz, Benny McCarthy, Benjani and Michu. All of these players were going to be the next big thing after coming from abroad. All of them scored over 15 goals in 1 Premier League season, Only to then disappear into oblivion.

This leads us to our point. This season Riyad Mahrez has began like Sam Allardyce on a box on Nutella doughnuts, Unstoppable!!! If he isn’t scoring goals, he is creating them. On the back of this, he has propelled the foxes to a wonderful start to the season. But here lies the problem, will he be a 1 season wonder, have his 2nd season blues and disappear, like he was never here, or will he be a league star for years to come? We are hoping the latter, as we a due to see some consistent brilliance from one of these players. So let’s just keep the pressure off the young fella and watch him do what he does best….. DOMINATE!!!!!

We hope for Leicesters sake Mahrez is a genuine star that will be shinning for a very long time yet but we are treading carefully cos we have been burned in the past. Just ask the Swansea fans with Michu printed on their tops. I think the last time we saw or heard of Michu was at a bar in Wales. It sounded like somebody was yelling his name out, but upon closer inspection they were just sneezing.

Clint Dempsey in happier times during his rapping stint.

Clint Dempsey in happier times during his rapping stint.




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