Week 3 Preview from England

Things are heating up in BPL and we couldn’t be happier!!! Teams are finding their feet and teams are starting to feel the slippery ground underneath. Hold onto your hats people.

Here we going again for another exciting installment from the world’s best football league.

Fire hazard, Aguero and Silva are killing it early this season.

Fire hazard, Aguero and Silva are killing it early this season.

Newcastle United Vs Arsenal: Our view is: Even though Newcastle were much better last week against Manchester United, we feel they are going to feel the wrath of an angry Arsenal. Arsenal have only has one win in their first three matches and we’re feeling an angry Arsenal going jailhouse “shawhank shower scene” on poor Newcastle. Arsenal 3-0.

Bournemouth Vs Leicester City: Our view is: Almost the game of the round, who would have thought a tussle between a cheery and fox would be so entertaining. Two teams who love to go balls deep on their opposition, so we are expecting a lot of goals. Both teams have performed above expectation so far and we hope that continues for the neutral’s watching. Draw 3-3!!!

Aston Villa Vs Sunderland: Our view is: Aston Villa have been standing at the bottom of the window throwing pebbles trying to get our attention, but we want them to break the window with boulders. Tim Sherwood has an exciting game plan and we want to see it unleashed. We all know our thoughts on #dicksacvocat and Sunderland, they are no good but expect the unexpected from this mob. Villa 2-1 

Chelsea Vs Crystal Palace: Our View is: Chelsea were so bloody lucky to get that win against a very brave West Brom, but we think that win may have kicked them into gear. Good teams win when they are not running on all cylinder’s and that’s what they did. Palace have so far been like a new café. You’re busting to try it out but it leaves you a little underwhelmed, do we give them a second chance? We say yes but with caution. Chelsea 3-1, Pedro to make his bow at the Bridge. P.S I wonder if he has a bodyguard for his Mrs as John Terry will be in the stands and on the prowl.

Liverpool Vs West Ham: Or View is: West Ham will be livered from last week’s loss to Bournemouth and we be very keen to make amends. Liverpool have yet to concede this season and that is unheard of under Brendan Rodgers, so a tense battle is expected. Liverpool will have too many match winners for the hammers to contain, Liverpool 2-0. Lookout for Benteke, he will be very keen to get a song sung about him by the Anfield faithful.    

Manchester City Vs Watford: Our view is: Close your eyes, take a breath and help Watford identify the people who “rhymes with graped” them. City will be at their devastating best against a helpless Watford, we jest hope they can stem the bleeding before it gets really, really bad. City 4-0 and that’s us being really quite nice to Watford.

Stoke City Vs West Brom: Our view is: Stoke have teased us like a stripper at Bikram yoga, hot and sweaty but you kinda feel bad looking. We are hoping we get to see the finished product at some point. Shaqiri has a game under his belt and makes his bow at the Britannia, add in Little Berihino’s absence and we see a potters victory. Tony “the hat” Pulis and the gang will need to fight for every touch, are they up for it? Hmmm who knows. Stoke 2-1.

Tottenham Vs Everton: Our view is: For some reason spurs have not been reading the advice we have been giving out. BUY A STRIKER!!!!!!!!!! Soldado has scored twice already since being back in Spain and they have yet to replace him. Forget buying young English talent, buy DAS BOST!!!! Mark our words he is the most underrated striker in the business. Everton have a gun striker in Lukaku but they are still rubbish. Sell Stones to Chelsea and spend the money ASAP!!! 2 Evenly matched overrated teams go head to head here in an epic 1-1 draw. Can’t you tell in in the excitement in our voice?? #neededtoventalittle

Southampton Vs Norwich: Our view is: Southampton are coming back from a mid week trip to Denmark (unlucky), so they are going to be rooted. Having said that we feel the Canaries will take full advantage of this and put the saints to the sword. Norwich have really held their own at times this season and we like to see that from the newly promoted sides. Plenty of problems for Southampton but a draw might be enough to steady the ship a little. 1-1 draw.

Swansea City Vs Manchester United: Our view is: A repeat of last years double, Swansea to take the kingstons!! The Swans are very dangerous at home in Wales and United have had trouble their in the past. If Batman and Robin (Gomis and Ayew) can keep up this fruitful partnership who knows what trouble they could put United into. Rooney and Depay will be a handful and this cold be a great game for Bastian Schweinsteiger to make his mark. 2-2 draw and a bloody good game.

Multibet of the week:

Man City + Liverpool + Chelsea + Stoke


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