Dynamic Duo’s (strikers that work in pairs)

What a dynamic duo these 2 are....

What a dynamic duo these 2 are….

Scoring goals, setting up goals and ultimately winning the league, that’s what all players dream of right? Well The Back of the Net wants to look at some of the Dynamic Duo’s that have rocked the premier league in recent years.

Duo Number 1: 05/06 Ruud Van Nistelrooy (21) and Wayne Rooney (16)

These 2 together at the peak of their power were a brilliant 2 man band. They had the creativity of Rooney and the almost crazy poachers instinct of Van Nistelrooy. 37 EPL goals between them in 05/06. Not long after this very fruitful season Rooney and Rudd were spilt up after Rudd was sold to Real Madrid. Some will argue they haven’t has a better strike pairing since?

Rooney and Rudd in happy times at United

Rooney and Rudd in happy times at United

Duo Number 2: 07/08 Robbie Keane (15) and Dimitar Bebatov (15)

The old formula tall and small was the order of the season for Tottenham in 07/08. Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov propelled Spurs to their highest premier league finish ever and also helped themselves to 15 league goals each. They had a wonderful understanding until Berbatov was sold to Manchester United not long after. Both players have since struggled to emulate any sort of dominance similar to that season. 


Robbie and Berba playing leap frog

Robbie and Berba playing leap frog

Duo Number 3: 09/10 Carlos Tevez (23) and Emmanuel Adebayor (14)

The first year of City’s Arab Gold rush!!! This saw City buy a number of HUGE players from around the world and there was none bigger than Carlos Tevez. Not only did they get Tevez but they teamed him up with former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor. This before both player become absolute toolbags, was a match made In heaven. They scored 39 goals between them in 09/10 and were by far the leagues deadliest duo. Since then Tevez has been wonderful at Juve and Bocca juniors but the same can’t be said for Adebayor. He has changed religions about 3 times, played about 20 games and now cleans the boots at Tottenham (whilst making about 100,000 a week) Yep let that digest…..

Tevez and Adebayor

Tevez and Adebayor Dancing together at the local RSL.

Duo Number 4: 13/14 Luis Suarez (31) and Daniel Sturridge (21)

The affectionately known SAS, were a brilliant combination of pure freakish ability and the flair of young hungry striker trying to prove a point. 52 goals between them in 2013/14 almost saw Liverpool break their title drought. Unfortunately it didn’t and later that season Suarez was sold to Barcelona for 80million pounds.  But before all that happened, these 2 were arguably the best, most dangerous dynamic duo they league had ever seen. They knew each other’s games unbelievably well. They saw Liverpool to runners up and top the 100 goal make for the season. Hats off to the SAS!!

Like Wesley and Woody from money train (brothers)

Like Wesley and Woody from money train (brothers)

Will these guys be next on the Dynamic Duo list? You’ll have to stay tuned and find out. Same Bat time same Bat channel.

Lookout premier league

Lookout premier league


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