Luis Suarez Taking a bite out of World Football

Today’s modern footballer, Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz (Luis Suarez). The man who single handedly stopped the football talk at a World Cup, not once but twice. He has sacrificed himself for his country at one and killed his country at another. We like to think of Luis Suarez as a mixed bag to say the least, oh and we think he is the best player in the world too.

A brilliant footballer in his own right, Suarez has many haters as he does admirers, but he certainly doesn’t let that slow him down. After starting his career in Holland at Ajax, Suarez made the major move to English football in January 2011. His 26million euro move to Liverpool will go down as one of the best signings in the clubs history. In just 110 appearances he scored an incredibly 69 goals for Liverpool. Over 3 action packed seasons, Suarez had his fair share of controversy. He allegedly racially abused Patrice Evra, he bit Branislav Jovanovic and at the World Cup in 2014 he bit Giorgio Chiellini in Uruguay’s final pool match against Italy. Each of these indiscretions cost Suarez over 24 matches in suspensions. Yes he bit 2 players and if we are being technical he also bit another player at Ajax. Ok so he’s not perfect…..

The last indiscretion forced Liverpool to part ways with the enigmatic striker, selling him to Barcelona for a whopping 80million pounds!!! The biggest transfer in both clubs history, and we believe he is worth over 100 million now believe it or not!!!! (You should because he’s a freakin freak) 

Back of the Net readers, Don’t let these acts take away from his brilliant exploits on the football field. Suarez is simply a freak!!! A 1 in a million type player, who would bleed for his team before ever giving up. His amazing skill and tenaciousness to win the ball, separate Suarez from the best in the World. He scores in big games (champions league final and World cup’s) , he was the creator of the term X-factor with his ability to change a game with the bounce of a ball and most importantly he is the best team player you will find.

Messi, Ronaldo and Suarez

Messi, Ronaldo and Suarez


The debate of who is the best in the world will go on forever but it’s very clear in our eyes. We will never doubt the amazing in fact ridicules abilities of Ronaldo and Messi. They are superhuman, and nobody will ever take away from what they have achieved in the game, but in the eyes of The Back of the Net crew we think Suarez is now top dog. He scores at every level he plays (club and international), he assists at every level he plays and he plays will 100% heart and determination. We have no doubt that this season he will take his game to a new level and prove to the rest of the world he is Numero Uno!!!

Stats of Luis Suarez:

Ajax: Games 110 Goals 89

Liverpool: Games 110 Goals 69

Barcelona: Games 29 Goals 17

International: Uruguay Games 82 Goals 43

Age: 28


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