Bring home the bacon fellas

Something my father always said to me when i starting becoming interested in football was, “Those wankers get paid millions for kicking a ball around, what a joke”. As a huge fan of football i never even worried about the money they were being paid, until one day i sat down and had a really good glance at what the modern footballer earns.

Here is the top earners in the English Premier League 2015/16.

Wayne Rooney Scoring a wonder goal for United

Wayne Rooney Scoring a wonder goal for United







Premier League Top 10 earners (per week before tax, estimated)

Wayne Rooney – A$565,000 (£260k)

Sergio Aguero – A$521,000 (£240k)

Yaya Toure – A$521,000 (£240k)

Eden Hazard – A$478,000, (£220k)

David Silva – A$434,000 (£200k)

Mesut Özil – A$412,000 (£190k)

Raheem Sterling – A$391,000 (£180k)

Cesc Fabregas – A$369,000 (£170k)

Kevin de Bruyne – A$369,000 (£170k)

John Terry – A$347,000 (£160k)

Like my father some people will say that type of money is outrageous, but do those same people say the same thing about Movie Stars? Recording Artists? We’d much rather see Wayne Rooney earn $565K per week than have to put up with the cast of Friends doing another season.

The cast of Friends all 5 of them, earned $1 million U.S dollars per episode. That’s right, David Schwimmer earned $1 million dollars per episode (letting that sink in). Do you think Sergio Aguero earns his money running around in the mud at Watford on a Tuesday night, being chopped every time he goes near the ball? Then 3 days later playing a champions league game in a completely different country.



The stats that we looked the closest at was output per year. Some of the players on the above list played over 60 games for the season in 2014/15. That’s over 1 game per week, with numerous flights between countries added in. Not to mention every player minus John Terry is a current International for their respective countries.

Yes they are paid well for this, but this is a huge toll on the body. International qualifiers, African Nations Cup’s, World Cup’s and Asian Cup’s were all play either during or after the Premier League season last year, meaning some players played between 50-70 matches. Football is a cruel game in so many ways, a career can last 17 years like Steven Gerrard’s or it can last 3 years like Dean Ashton’s. Why not pay them well? Do they not entertain us? Do they not give us a reason to feel like the difference between winning and losing can only be compared to life and death? Just ask a Liverpool and United fans this week, 80% would almost rather die than lose to their arch rivals and these players are apart of that feeling.

So we say they may be slightly overpaid but they do a fair job of earning their dollars. However before anybody jumps the gun, we are well aware that their are a heaps of players out there being paid huge money to do jack Sh$t. Cough Cough cough Emmanuel Adebayor (insert monkey with hand over mouth emoji)


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