Week 4 Preview from England


Liverpool Vs Manchester United

Liverpool Vs Manchester United






Welcome back Barclays English Premier League!!! Don’t ever leave us again!!! What a week of matches we have in front of us this week. We have teams under pressure, can the teams who are flying keep up their fast start? We will have to strap in and see…..

Everton Vs Chelsea: Our view is: One of the games of the round. When both teams are up and going these games can produce classic encounters. This time we see 2 teams who are not exactly killing it at the moment, Everton have showed promise but not cut the mustard just yet and Chelsea’s problems are well documented. This week we’d like to see all out attack. Start Falcao upfront with Costa and let them run a muck. It would like a singles mixer down at the local tapas bar, going nuts with bumping and grinding all over the shop!!! Same at Everton, start Lukaku and stick Lennon and Kone either side of him. We want goals if you can’t tell!!! Draw 2-2

Watford Vs Swansea City: Our view is: The dynamic duo get even more dynamic. Ayew and Gomis will continue to take the WORLD by storm!!! Watford will have no answers to their brilliance. (we are fans of these 2 can you tell 🙂 On a brighter note for Watford fans, they so far this year have held their own and we hope they are really up for the relegation scrap. We see the Swans to continue swanning along Swans 3-1.

West Bromwich Albion Vs Southampton: Our View is: a very cagey affair, with 2 teams a little afraid to lose. Southampton are coming off an over achieving season where after losing 45 players (or so it seemed) they still managed a top 8 finish. This year might be a case of the second year blues for the saints, but only time will tell. West Brom have the little issue of Little Saido Berahino not wanting to don the WBA top due to a stuffed up attempted transfer cost him a new life at Tottenham. 2 teams who have been a little untidy so far this season go head to head and we see 1-1 draw.

Norwich Vs Bournemouth: Our view is: Bournemouth to get their first away win against Norwich. The first meeting of the promoted teams from last seasons Championship, and as much as we’d like to see a 5 goal thriller, you can’t always get what you want right? Lot to like about both sides in these kinds of games though. We see The Cherries getting the chocies here Norwich 1 Vs Bournemouth 2 

Crystal Palace Vs Manchester City: Our view is: Manchester City #JUST!!! Palace will be the best away opposition they have played all season. Cabaye and the gang will love the opportunity to test themselves against the leagues best, and look for a fair bit of wide play, with Manchester City having no first choice Right back available. Injuries and hair appointments have crippled Manchester City so far this season (at right back).  Palace will welcome a huge crowd at home and the inclusion of Mile Jedinak is a timely one. Stability in the middle will really come in handy when you’re trying to handle Yaya Toure and Kevin de Bruyne on the same pitch. Man City 2-1 away winners. P.S lookout for Kevin de Bruyne, he will take the piss!! #worldclass

Arsenal Vs Stoke City: Our view is: If Arsenal are going to get the ball rolling it has to be this week. Stoke have Affellay and Adam out suspended and are really in a little form slump. Not many goals and a slight lack of creativity have crept into Stokes game over the past 2 matches. Arsenal are coming off a scrappy win against a luckless Newcastle but should be too strong at home for Stoke. We want to see the Gunners play some of that tiki taka style football that wows the crowds and makes what may otherwise be a dull affair, slightly more entertaining.  #notholdingourbreath Arsenal 2-0.

Manchester United Vs Liverpool: Our view is: Game of the round!!! 2 teams that hate each other and 2 teams that have more history than a hidden pocket in a pedo’s jacket. Both teams have had major defensive troubles for quite some time now so look to see plenty of goals in this one. Liverpool will be without Coutinho and will look to give Danny Ings his first Liverpool start in his place. United had some good news with David De Gea signing a new 4yr deal with United. Awesome news right? Cos we know how iron clad football contracts are….. Hmmmm. Wayne Rooney will look to carry his stellar England form into club level after score in both of England’s mid week euro 16 qualifiers. We are calling an upset 3-2 Liverpool victory. That should get the tongues wagging…..

Sunderland Vs Tottenham Hotspur: Our view is: Somebody will win, somebody will break their duck and somebody may or may not stay awake for the whole 90mins. This will either be one of those games that is a 5-4 thriller or a 0-0 dog crap slinging match. Spurs have been underwhelming to say the least and Sunderland are fighting a relegation dog fight in round 4, the only way is up right? May God we hope so!!! Defoe could be the magic man here, coming back to haunt an old club, or will it be a welcome return to form to the golden boy Harry “slick” Kane. Who knows….. wait and see readers, both of these teams might be in the Didn’t cut the mustard column on Tuesday. Spurs 1-0 or Sunderland 5-4!!  





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