Preview from England (part 2)

Stoke Vs Bounremouth: our view is: the potters have had an indifferent start to what should be a very fruitful season. They have shown flashes of brilliance but nothing of much substance. Shaqiri has found England life tough so far and they are relying on home form. The Cherrys have been very similar!! Flashes but no flashdance!!! We say Stoke 3-2 

West Ham United Vs Norwich City: our view is: HAMMERTIME!!! The hammers are on fire and we see that continuing, they were brilliant against city and have been Arsenal and Liverpool on their own patches this season. Norwich are doing ok for a team who are relying on team spirit!!! We say STOP IT’S HAMMERTIME!!! West Ham 3-1. 

Liverpool Vs Aston Villa: Our view is: it’s now or never Liverpool and we don’t mean results, we mean sacking the man who looks like a Koala. For those who don’t know what a Koala is, it’s a small, fury version of Brendan Rodgers. Aston Villa are like home made Mexican, so good or so damn bad!!! Liverpool 2-0

Newcastle Vs Chelsea: our view is: We have been to Prosstate exams less scary than the way Newcastle are playing right now. They have been pure ass!!! Chelsea bounced back last week against abounded Arsenal, like really wounded, 9 men wounded. So we see 2 teams bloody desperate for some points, so they can have 1 each. Draw 1-1 

Watford Vs Crystal Palace: our view is: Hmmm a tough one!!! 2 teams who are really similar in a lot of way accept for class!!! Palace ooze class but haven’t shown it enough this year so far. Watford don’t quite have the names but they are in the same tug boat. So this is an unknown quantity for us, we say 1-1 Draw


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