Preview from England (Week 7)

Men on a mission @westhamunited

Men on a mission @westhamunited

This week we have yet another enthralling round of matches from the English Premier League. West Ham are on fire, Mahrez leads the foxes into battle yet again and Brendan Rodgers looks over his shoulder not once, not twice but thrice….. Clip klopp…..

Tottenham Hotspur Vs Manchester City: Our view is: a team on a mission, we are talking about Manchester City. The citizens dropped a home game against an on fire Hammers last week and will be very keen to make amends against a slightly Improved Tottenham. Lookout for the wrath of Manchester City who have already put 5 past Sunderland this week in the League cup.  We say City 3-1 winners.

Leicester City Vs Arsenal: Our view is: like a fox down a rabbit hole!!! Or roughly translated Leicester City will cast the gunners aside like they are merely a rock on the footpath. The foxes have been scintillating this season and Arsenal have been below par to put it lightly.  With not Santi or Jackie (sounds like the opening acts at a B grade strip club) Arsenal will be light on for star power and this will suit the foxes perfectly. Mahrez, Vardy and the gang will have no trouble causing havoc in the Arsenal defense and scoring goals. Their defensive pressure this season so far has been top shelf. The gunners will be look at 2 defeats on the trot, Foxes 2-0.

Manchester United Vs Sunderland AFC: Our view is: The last straw for The Dick Sackvovat. Sunderland at Old Trafford, 75,000 people will witness a horror show. The Back of the Net crew are pained to even think of an appropriate score line, but we did 6-0 United and Big Dick to be blown off by Sunderland (we mean sacked after the game :).  

Southampton Vs Swansea City: Our view is: A tale of 3 weeks. Swansea jumped out the block and had the football world taking in weeks 1 to 4, but since then Gomis and the crew have gone a little quiet. Only 1 point in their last 2 games and now an away game at Southampton sees the Swans needing a win to stay in touch. Southampton on the other hand seem to be getting the ball rolling with 3 solid performances. Maybe Ronald and the gang are heading back in the right direction after all…. Watch this space, Draw 1-1.


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