Preview from England Week 10

Back of the Net fans we are back again for another weekend preview from England. 

West Ham United Vs Chelsea: Our view is: The Hammers are on fire and the Blues are not!!! This London derby should be extra spicey this time around with Slavan’s boys looking to get another huge scalp and Jose’s men are st – ruggling!! We say Hammers 2-1!!! 

Stoke Vs Watford: Our view is: For the love of god please make Stoke and it’s good players dominate or this game could be just plain ass!!! Watford have a very large injury list and Stoke have not been fun to watch at al!!! So Shaq and the rest of the space jam cast, show us what you got. We’re Stoked at 3-1 to the potters. 

Norwich City Vs WBA: Our view is 1am Saturday night, hit viewers choice and watch another game. Sorry Tony Pullis but we will be nicer next week. Draw 0-0 

Leicester City Vs Crystal Palace: Our view is: Game of the round!!! 2 teams who have already exceeded all expectations. Claudio and Mr Pardew have in our opinion been 2 of the 3 managers of the season so far ( 3 Slavan Bilic). They have been tactically very good and they have got the most out of some bargain buys. We see goals and balls and all styles from both managers, Draw 3-3.

Aston Villa Vs Swansea: Our view is: Yet another possible snooze fest, however with both teams el desperado for a win it might not be so bad. Villa need goals and the Swans need to rediscover what it feels like to win. It’s time for the Gomis signal in the sky!!! Swans 2-1 

Arsenal Vs Everton: Our view is: The kings of Bavairia (Arsenal) are fresh off trumping Bayner Munich in the champions league, are on fire. Giroud and Ozil especially. Everton on the other hand are coming off a 3-0 whopping from United and look down on confidence. Would the real Lukaku please stand up!! Arsenal 3-1. 

Sunderland Vs Newcastle United: Our view is: this should’ve been the title to the new Star Wars:


DRAW 4-4

The force is strong in this one

The force is strong in this one

Manchester United Vs Manchester City: Our view is: the Manchester Derby is an awesome spectacle of a game. 2 teams and sides of a city that literally hate each other!!! It has produced amazing goals, portrait worthy celebration pics and a thirst to get one over one and other. Martial vs Hart, this will be quality!!! Draw 2-2 

AFC Bounremouth Vs Tottenham: Our view is: Spurs will win, well they should right? Bournemouth have more injuries than you can poke a stick at. Spurs are in form and potch has his boys marching to the beat of his drum. Spurs 2-0 

Liverpool vs Southampton: Our view is: Liverpool welcome Mr Kloop for his premier league home bow and are desperate for a win to boost morale. Southampton are in great nick and will be a tough nut to crack!!! Pelle and his strike connection are looking tidy as the first time we saw Pamela Anderson is a red one piece. Game one Liverpool 2-1


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