Team of the Week (week 10)

That freakin close

That freakin close


(Week 10) 


   Koscielny    Tompkins    Walker  

Ozil  Carzorla  Payet  

Ighalo   Abdi

Kane        Vardy

Bench:  Flecter, Cech, Evans, B. Jones, Otamendi, Benteke         Manager: Sam Allardyce

Those who didn’t quite cut the mustard: It was a long week but Newcastle United are back on the list. They trounce Norwich one week and the next, they get their asses handed to them by the bottom side, who had not yet tasted a win this season. Newcastle managers and the Tyne-Wear derby just do not match. They are more timid than Adam Johnson’s teammates after he scores.

That leads us to part 2 of (those who didn’t quite cut the mustard) Adam Johnson you flog!!! You take a pen that you a) didn’t earn b) had no part in the play what so ever c) score and run the ground like a fair dinkum tit who has just scored the winner in a wold cup final. Pull your head in champ, celebrate with your teammates and stop thinking you’re the ducks nuts.


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