Team of the Week (week 13)

On a day that football took a brief backseat at Whitehart Lane

On a day that football took a brief backseat at Whitehart Lane

Team of the Week (week 13)

(Week 13) 

De Gea (c)

            Skrtel    Shawcross   Alerweireld      

Coutinho  Morrison

Firmino    Barkley     Vardy

 Lukaku   Kane

Bench:  Ruddy, Smalling, Walker, Rose, Clyne                Manager: (fat) Sam Allardyce

Those Who Didn’t Quite Cut the Mustard: Scott Dann, a former captain of the Back of the Net’s team of the week. His horrendous error was enough to gift Sunderland a vital 3 points and rob Crystal Palace of an opportunity to be in the top 7 after 13 games. You just have to be better than that Scotty, lesson A) keep your feet, don’t be a tit and fall over when your’e the last man, lesson B) don’t get up and blame the keeper, your’e the goose that fell over!!

West Ham aka the one man trumpet player. Yes you could say forgive them for a loss at a white hot Spurs, but no we don’t award points for mediocrity here!! Without Dimi Payet the Hammers are looking like a travelers rear end after 2 weeks in India. Tired, sore and in need of a pat. Is the traditional West Ham slide upon us?


2 thoughts on “Team of the Week (week 13)

  1. John

    What is this dog shit articles? Honestly back of the net have been sliding a slippery slope for awhile now, I’d rather read an Al Jazeera magazine then this thru the motions articles about the beautiful game.
    We shouldn’t disrespect the beautiful game by allowing scum bags like back of the net post this utter garbage is bordering on abuse towards my eyes and brain for reading it.
    Have a good day back of the net

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adambritter Post author

      Thanks for the feedback John, it’s fair to say if you don’t like it don’t read then. We post what we think is entertaining and the 2000 views we’ve had in the past week speaks for it self I guess.

      Have a good day John



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