Team of the Week (week 16)

Ryhad Mahrezzzzzzzzzz

Ryhad Mahrezzzzzzzzzz

Team of the Week (week 16)

(Week 16) 


  Nyom    J. Olsson   Francis       

Y. Toure    

    Ozil                  Mahrez

 Lukaku   Ighalo

Bench:  Cech , Arter, Vardy,  Ramsey, King             Manager: Eddie Howe/ Steve Mclaren

Those Who Didn’t Quite Cut the Mustard: Simon Mignolet!!! Ok so Mignolet has been the biggest perpetrator of direct goals from his mistakes in the entire premier league!!! 8 goals this season have come from his stuff up’s!!! Jurgen old buddy, please flick him at the earliest possibile chance, he isn’t fit to lace Petr Cech’s boots at the moment. #dirtysheet #everyweek

Jose Mourinho: We have give the champions a bit of latitude the past few weeks, as other teams have been taking all the headlines. But this week Jose you are in the firing line. Change your freakin line up’s, move players around, change the formation SOMETHING!!!! You leave Remy on the bench every week and the comes on to score yet again. You leave Fabregas on the bench as nothing more than a punishment and at worst (as much as we don’t like him) you throw former England skipper John Terry to the wolves every week for one reason or another. Game by game and week by week it’s Version 2.0 for you Jose, you’ve outstayed your welcome for the second time #bringbackdimatteo


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